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The Selma March, Dad and Martin Luther King
A Song for Carla
Simple Song by Leonard Bernstein from his Mass
Recipe: Duncanís Barley Dal
Recipe: Duncanís Perfect Cup of Coffee
Recipe: Duncanís Sprouted Chickpea and Artichoke Hummus
Instructions: Sprouting with the Pasta Express Tubes
Recipe: Duncanís Powerful Natural Mouthwash (and, how to keep your teeth healthy)








Writing Samples


Magazine Articles

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Editorial (Jan. 2005)     Editorial (Feb. 2006)

Editorial (Aug. 2006)

Review of Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide for Pocket PC (Feb. 2005)

Humvees of the Windows Mobile World (Aug. 2006)

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Newspaper Articles

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Cranes Return to the Sandhills for 10,000th Year


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Crawfish Frogs Hop out of way of Bypass

Fairfield Company adds Columbia astronauts to Space Mirror

First-Grader Saves Family as Fire Engulfs Home

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Newspaper Book & Theatre Reviews


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Books - The Lazy Way to Success


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Books - Horatio Hornblower

Books - The World of The Lord of the Rings

Books - The World of Harry Potter

Books - Nevil Shute


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Theatre - The Taming of the Shrew

Theatre - The Enchanted

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Movie Reviews

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Good Night and Good Luck

Inside Man

Lady in the Water

Nanny McPhee

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

She's the Man

V for Vendetta

World Trade Center

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